To Find Who Ignored Your Facebook Friend Request via Facebook Technical Support


Facebook is increasing its popularity among youngsters and old aged people because of its new upgraded features. One of them is “to check who have rejected your friend request on Facebook”. This a unique feature which allows the Facebook users to see who has not accepted their friend request. By this feature, you will be allowed to see all the people in the history of Facebook who decided to not to accept your friendship online and clicked to reject your request. Facebook Technical Support team will guide you about this feature in a detailed manner. You can also follow the given steps to see the people who ignored your friend request.

Steps are as following:-

  1. Go to the signup page of the Facebook and login to your account.
  2. Hover over the toolbar at the top of Facebook and click on the ‘Friends Requests’ icon.
  3. Your friend requests window will open and click “see all” that will be at the bottom of your window.
  4. Click on the icon “view sent requests”.
  5. A list will be revealed, where you can either celebrate the fact that no one has ever ignored your friend request or who has rejected you from being your friend.

We hope that you will enjoy this unique feature in an effective manner. Even, if you face any kind of problem just dial the Facebook Support Number and our techies will definitely help you out.


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